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A farmer’s market at your door, every week.


What we offer:

Rhyzosphere offers a delivery of naturally grown produce to your door, every week from June to October. The delivery includes a variety of in-season vegetables as well as a few fruits. A weekly email is also sent to all customers including updates, recipes, vegetable descriptions and cooking tips. We currently deliver to Peterborough and Cavan-Monaghan. 

how it works:

Customers pay an up-front subscription fee, and will receive deliveries based on the package they choose. Rhyzosphere offers a full 17-week subscription, as well as a half-summer 8-week package. The up-front payment allows us to purchase the materials needed for growing at the beginning of the season, when most purchases are made (seeds, compost, tools, etc.) This model allows customers to purchase a share in the harvests for the year, meaning any surplus of harvests are shared with you, our 'shareholders'. 

how we grow:

We employ the techniques of Permaculture to grow our vegetables, meaning we attempt to simulate natural ecosystems in order to encourage soil health and natural produce.  These methods include companion planting, using green manure and cover crops, encouraging pollinator and beneficial insect populations, and never using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. 


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237 Bland Line, Cavan, ON